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Judy Temime wrotes: The community of worshipers in Shavei Tzion had wished for some time to enlarge the tiny kitchen space that had been serving the synagogue when Sabbath kiddush was readied or refreshments were prepared for a bar mitzvah kiddush or other celebration.

01 February 2017 Published in Shavei Zion

The Gardens of Shavei Zion

Judy Temime is Shavei Zion's town archivist and regularly writes on different topics from Shavei Zion's history. You can now read these reports in English on the website of the Former Rexingen Synagogue. Judy Temime was born and raised in the USA.

A further event entitled 'How much Heimat does a human being need?' - complementary to the exhibition 'Is that a human being?' - took place in Rexingen on March 1st. The artist K.H. Schmeißer was present. Peter Binder, radio presenter from Südwest Rundfunk, read extracts from all five essays in Jean Améry's mercilessly honest book  Beyond Guilt and Atonement . The tangible quality of Améry's descriptions led the listeners through the horrors of the Holocaust, from its inception with the anti-Semitic laws of 1935 to its catastrophic culmination in the extermination camps. 

On Holocaust Memorial Day, an exhibition of K.H. Schmeißer's paintings entitled 'Is that a human being?' was opened in the former Jewish synagogue in Rexingen. The paintings show figures with obvious human contours, all in various stages of disintegration.

04 December 2014 Published in News

Eight new memorial stones laid

On November 27th, six new memorial stones -'stumbling blocks' - were laid in Rexingen and two in Mühringen. The artist Gunther Demnig from Cologne (founder of this project) came to Horb for the fourth time to lay the stones personally. He reported that there are now over 49,000 such memorial stones throughout Europe. In Germany alone the project includes around 1,000 sites to date, in major cities as in small villages.

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