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02 December 2014 Published in News

Let us remember

Every year in November, descendants of the Jewish community of Rexingen gather for a memorial observance in Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus in New Jersey close to New York. The site of the observance is a monument commemorating family members murdered by the Nazis as well as those in graves left behind in Rexingen and relatives who died in the American Army in World War II.
Steve Löwengart, son of Richard and Irma Löwengart, wrote the following report:

Barbara Staudacher and Heinz Hoegerle visited Shavei Zion in April. Together with Karl-Hermann Blickle and his wife Lisbeth they talked to friends in Israel about the possibility of building a museum in the centre of Shavei Zion. It should serve as a meeting place for young and old families.
Judy Temime, who is in charge of the archives of Shavei Zion, rearranged them considerably in recent months. They are now more easily accessible and new treasures have come to light, including a postcard discovered among the possessions left by Sev (Wolf) Berlinger.

04 March 2014 Published in News

Water Tower Repair

Judy Temime, archivist in Shavei Zion, writes:
For the year 2014 the residents of Shavei Zion are planning activites aimed at making their village more beautiful. It all began at the end of last year with the renovation of the large menorah on the old water tower. Now the water tower has been painted and the surrounding small garden area has been newly landscaped. The kids have a lot to do this year. They will set up a nature camp in the little eucalyptus forest north of the village, a "mobile-free zone" where they can fully concentrate on the care and preservation of their natural environment.

15 January 2014 Published in News

With friends in New York

On December 18th, 2013, the following families with roots in Rexingen met for lunch at a restaurant in 72nd Street, Manhattan: Gideon, Hirschfelder, Hopfer, Kahn, Lemberger, Levi, Liebmann, Löwengart, Löwenthal, Pressburger, Schwarz, Weil, Zürndorfer. Also present were Hannelore Marx from Stuttgart and Aron Berlinger (who was born in Shavei Zion) with his wife, Marette. The get-together took place on the occasion of a visit to New York by Barbara Staudacher and Heinz Högerle, members of the Association of Patrons and Friends of the Former Rexingen Synagogue.

07 December 2013 Published in News

Symbol of Shavei Zion is renewed

Judy Temime, archivist in Shavei Zion, writes:
"Much to the delight of our residents, a new menorah was erected on the roof of the water-tower in time for Chanukah 5774. As in the past, the menorah will be illuminated for Chanukah this year. Both the tower and the menorah are among the symbols of Shavei Zion under heritage protection."

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