Association of Patrons and Friends

Association of Patrons and Friends

The Association of Patrons and Friends of the Former Rexingen Synagogue was founded in 1997. In addition to the maintenance of the former Rexingen synagogue, the Association took on the task of documenting the Jewish history of the former rabbinate of Mühringen/Horb through publications, exhibitions, lectures and various other events.

Special importance is attached to establishing contact with former Jewish citizens of the rabbinate and their descendants and assisting international visitors to the Jewish cemetery in Horb.

The Association supports dialogue between religions and cultures. It opposes any form of anti-Semitism or racism.

In carrying out its work the Association attaches great importance to the inclusion of the young. By organizing encounters between young people from Israel and Germany, it helps to build bridges and form new friendships.

In recent years the Association was able to establish close relationships with families from Shavei Zion and with Jews in Israel and around the world.