Probably the most important task of the Association is the fostering of friendly relationships with Jewish families worldwide. The main focus is on families with roots in Rexingen, Mühringen, Horb, Nordstetten, Dettensee and Mühlen.

Memorial records and ‘stumbling blocks’

'Stolperstein' or 'stumbling block' is a small cobblestone-sized memorial fitted flat into the pavement in front of the last dwelling of the deported victims of the Nazis. A brass plaque on the surface bears an inscription showing the name, year of birth and year of deportation of the deceased.

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Family trees show the interconnected branches and the origin of families across generations. Relationship can be graphically illustrated in this way. Our family databank is intended to help Jewish families around the world find their roots and reconstruct their history. It can facilitate the search for relatives.

The local archives in Rexingen contain records with valuable information on the situation of Jewish and Christian families. For example, there are records of weddings, of the personal assets brought into the marriage by each partner, last wills, the manner in which inheritance was divided after a death, etc. These handwritten records, mainly from the nineteenth century, have been transcribed and are almost all available in legible form. We help those entitled to access them in their search for family records.


The members and contacts of our Association and the publishing office in Rexingen cooperate regularly on publications and contributions regarding the former Jewish community. Some publications can be acquired in bookshops or exclusively from the Association.

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Apart from its cultural memorials, the former synagogue and the Jewish cemetery, Rexingen offers a wide range of historical buildings and locations to its visitors.

You would like to visit a memorial site or plan a visit? In addition to the events we organize, we also offer guided tours either for individuals or for groups. School classes are also most welcome. Should you be interested, please give us adequate notice. Details on visits, contact addresses and a map showing memorial sites can be found on the following page: