Gräber im Wald (Graves in the Forest) Traces of life in the Jewish cemetery in Mühringen

Gräber im Wald (Graves in the Forest)

Documentation on the cemetery, on the Jewish community resident in Mühringen for more than 300 years and on the Mühringen rabbinate.

Contributors: Renate Karoline Adler, Nils-Christian Engel, Daniela Danz, Andrea Hoffmann, Heinz Högerle, Gil Hüttenmeister, Marek Lesczinsky, Nina Michielin, Hans Peter Müller, Adolf Schmid, Manfred Steck, Ute Ströbele.

In addition to essays on the history of the Jewish community, the cemetery and the Mühringen rabbinate, with many photos and documents, this book contains the complete documentation of the graves and an alphabetical list of the names of Jews buried in Mühringen. It also contains an alphabetical register of those who died, were deported or emigrated after 1933.

The series Jewish Cemeteries in Horb will be continued.

Editors: Town archives of Horb and the Association of Patrons and Friends of the Former Rexingen Synagogue.
Series / Volume: Jewish Cemeteries in Horb / Volume 2.
Number of pages / Bookcover: 424 pages / Hardcover. Sewn.
Languages: German
ISBN: 3-8026-1828-5
Publisher: Konrad Theiss Publications, Stuttgart, 2003.
Price: €29.20

Obtainable from: This book can be obtained in bookshops or from the Association.