20 October 2018 Published in Events

The Night of the Pogrom 80 years ago – Demonstration on November 9th, 2018

Poster for the demonstration
Poster for the demonstration
Type: Demonstration
Date: Friday, November 9th, 2018
Time: 7 p.m.
Venue: In front of the Jewish Prayer Room Museum in Horb

On the night of November 9th to 10th 1938, the synagogues and prayer rooms of Jewish communities all over Germany and Austria were destroyed. More than 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and taken away to concentration camps.

The night of the pogrom made it clear that the discriminatory treatment and persecution of Jews in Germany, carried out by the Nazi regime from 1933 on, would now be drastically intensified. It culminated in the Shoah, the extermination of 6 million Jews in Europe.

We want to recall what happened in Horb on November 9th 1938 in a demonstration on the evening of November 9th 2018 at 7 p.m. in front of the Jewish Prayer Room in Horb, Fürstabt-Gerbert-Str. 2. We will reflect on how it could have happened and consider together what we can do today to preserve our democratic society.

Organizers of the demonstration are:
The Administrative District of Freudenstadt 
The large district town of Horb-on-Neckar 
The Catholic pastoral center of Horb 
The Protestant church community of Horb
The association of patrons and friends of the former synagogue in Rexingen


Ringing of bells on the evening of November 9th
The committee and advisory council of the association of patrons and friends of the former synagogue in Rexingen considered ways of connecting all those commemorating the pogrom throughout the State, calling on them to pause and reflect.
They suggested that as many church communities as possible in Baden-Württemberg ring their bells at 7 p.m. on November 9th.
Church communities in many areas have picked up this suggestion.

All the activities surrounding November 9th – including the ringing of the bells – serve to recall the night of the pogrom and the persecution carried out 80 years ago. Simultaneously we want to send out a clear signal against old and new antisemitism and racism and to unite with all Jews in our country and around the world.

Address: Fürstabt-Gerbert-Str. 2 in 72160 Horb